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Research Associate/Research Scientist – Analytical Chemistry and Formulation


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Research Associate/Research Scientist—Analytical Chemistry and Formulation

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POSITION TITLE:   Research Associate/Research Scientist—Analytical Chemistry and Formulation


POSITION TYPE:   Full time

SALARY RANGE:   Negotiable based upon experience


We are seeking a highly motivated Analytical Development Scientist to perform methods development, qualification and tech transfer of assays for the analysis of nanopolymer containing formulations.

The successful candidate will join CMC team.


  • Minimum Master’s degree in biochemistry, chemistry, biotechnology or related field with 5+ yrs relevant experience in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry; Ph.D. preferred
  • Hands-on experience in analytical and bio-analytical chemistry such as ELISA, colorimetric assay, chromatography (size exclusion, ion exchange and reversed-phase), fluorescence assay and enzyme assay. Bench experience in formulation and the use of analytical instrumentation (e.g. HPLC, LC-MS, microscope, plate readers).
  • Experience developing chromatographic separation methods for polymer, protein and peptide containing samples.
  • Experience with chemical and physical characterization of polymers.
  • Proactive, excellent timeline-focused problem-solving skills on multiple tasks oriented towards an overall goal.
  • Detail oriented, able to plan and prioritize tasks, with strong time-management skills.
  • Experience with pharmaceutical QC testing, assay qualification/validation and tech transfer
  • Understanding of animal experiments is a plus.
  • Excellent ability to keep lab notebook updated daily and present data regularly is a must. Strong documentation and communication skills are very important.
  • Computer skills including Word, PowerPoint, Excel or other graphing programs is expected.
  • A working knowledge of statistics is a must.



Please email your resume to and include Scientist-Analytical Chemistry in the subject line.