PGC Targeting Results

Mechanism of passive targeting from enhanced permeability and retention

Healthy blood vessels (A)

  • PGCTM carrier flows through healthy blood vessels (A)

Sites of infection, inflammation, and in tumors (B)

  • The blood vessels have openings that make them porous to large molecules
  • PGCTM extravasates through the abnormal openings to interstitial area
  • Carrier with drug payload accumulates in sites of enhanced vascular permeability

PGC targets inflammation and infection

Enhanced permeability and retention and long circulation enables accumulation of PGC loaded with imaging agent to damage tissue.

PGC Tumor Targeting

Accumulation of PGC-formulated-API in tumors is a result of long circulation and enhanced permeability and retention effects.

Rat breast tumor model imaged with PGC and co-labeled with Gd and 111In; Fisher rat at 48 hrs.