The PharmaIN Company

  • Leaders in innovative drug-delivery technology
  • Focused on safer, more effective injectable peptides and proteins (biologics)
  • Treatment of heart failure, cancer, metabolic, autoimmune, and other diseases


  • Develop branded therapeutics through proof of concept
  • License to Biotech/Pharma

Platform Technology

  • Work with corporate partners to improve and enable therapeutic molecules in their pipeline
  • Develop & license drug delivery technologies
  • Strong IP portfolio can support product Life Cycle Management

Protected Graft Copolymer (“PGC”)TM significantly prolongs drug circulation time and activity by making it invisible to the immune system and enzymes.

We are an experienced and creative team with broad skills that over the years has developed exceptional scientific expertise that allows us to effectively pursue new therapies.

The company’s lead product, a congestive heart failure treatment developed internally, is currently in pre-clinical stage. We are aggressively pursuing clinical trials in 2016.

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