INnovation Makes PharmaIN a Unique Biopharma Company

Innovative peptide technologies that make other drugs safer and more effective with enhanced IP protections.

Drug Discovery and Development specializing in peptides that promote vascular health.

PharmaIN was founded by Dr. Elijah Bolotin in 2000 and in operation in Seattle since 2005. Today, PharmaIN is headquartered in the Seattle suburb of Bothell, WA., is debt-free, entirely funded by grants and shareholder investment.  The company’s core team includes five PhDs and a patent agent.

Innovative Platforms for Enhancement and Improved Delivery of Peptide-based APIs


PGC – Protected Graft Co-Polymer is an excipient alternative of PEGylation for extending half-life, improving stability, and targeting of peptides and small proteins. Learn more about PGC

PeptiLINK – peptide engineering technologies that improve safety, selective potency and patentabiity of peptides for proven targets. Some peptides need help Learn more about PeptiLINK

Our technologies can be applied to a wide range of products and across the range of product life, from Life Cycle Management to development of novel agents.

Branded Therapeutics to promote Vascular Health


We have chosen to focus here because the vascular system is the infrastructure of the body and key to numerous indication therapies.

PharmaIn develops therapeutics up to a proof of concept and then licenses or partners with biotech/pharameuticals for clinical trial stages.