PeptiLINK Enhances the Performance and Improves the Value of Proven Peptide APIs

PeptiLINK platform improves peptides for better binding, potency and safety.

PharmaIN utilizes PGC to protect the peptide-ligand conjugate.  When the peptide-ligand conjugate is released from the PGC, the linker is cleaved to release active peptide into the blood.

The combination of PGC and PeptiLINK significantly improves PK and PD effects.

PharmaIN Offers Stability and Sustained Release with PGC and
PharmaIN Offers Enhanced Potency and Longer Release
with PeptiLINK peptide engineering

Combination of two technologies significantly improves PK and PD effect.

PeptiLINK - A Pro-Drug Approach to Bind to PGC