PharmaIN PGC Technology is Making Injectable Therapeutics Safer and More Effective

Protected Graft Copolymer (PGC) Excipient is a breakthrough innovation in PEG-based drug delivery.

 Our proprietary delivery technology binds a variety of payloads, including proteins and peptides, without modifying the drug.


Our proprietary drug delivery technology works for both therapeutic and imaging agents.

Proven PGC benefits include:

Does not modify the API
Reversibly binds and fully preserves potency, function and mobility.

Improves solubility.

Transforms IV deliver to SQ delivery

Extends API half-life and bioavailability

Increases stability and improves safety

Targets API to tumors, inflammation and infection
PGC exploits increased vascular permeability to penetrate into tissue.

Importantly, PGC adds to or extends IP protection of valuable drug therapies


How PGC Works:
Equilibrium defines low free API level