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About PharmaIN

PharmaIN is a development stage biopharmaceutical company focused on enabling and improving injectable therapeutics based on the Protected Graft Copolymer (PGC™), our patented and proprietary drug delivery technology licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital. We are focused on half-life extension and targeted delivery of proteins, peptides, siRNA, and potent small molecule therapeutics.

Located in Seattle, WA in the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute (PNDRI), our team of scientists is dedicated to enabling and improving injectable drugs.

PharmaIN has been awarded over $6MM in peer-reviewed NIH SBIR grants to develop its Protected Graft Copolymer drug delivery technology and associated intellectual property.

Our business consists of two aspects:

  • Improving and Enabling injectable therapeutics for our development partners
  • Improving and Enabling injectable therapeutics developed internally for out-licensing

Our proprietary drug delivery technology for both therapeutic and imaging agents has been proven to:

  • Increase Efficacy
  • Reduce Toxicity
  • Extend Circulating Half-life
  • Enable Targeted Tissue Accumulation
  • Preserve Molecular Structure and Function