Our Unique Protected Graft Co-Polymer – PGC –  Transforms Therapeutics Into Safer and More Effective Injectables

PGC can make your company’s drugs better resulting in increased royalty streams.  PGC is an excipient alternative to PEGylation for extending half-life, improving stability and targeting of peptides and small proteins.

PeptiLINK Offers Unique Solutions for Science Teams Developing Peptide APIs

PharmaIN’s PeptiLINK Peptide engineering technologies improve safety, selective potency and patentability of peptides for proven targets.


Drug Discovery and Development with Our Proprietary Peptides

PharmaIn specializes in Peptides that promote Vascular Health.  Because the vascular system is the infrastructure of the body this means we are involved in numerous indication therapies.

PharmaIN is bringing innovative drug-delivery technologies to partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotech companies enabling the development of new, value-added drug therapies and enhancing the performance of proven drugs.